Quotes from Sally

"You went to a woman's apartment and there you had wine and there you had sex." -Dan
"You are way off base, that is not what happened, except... yes, that's what happened." -Casey
"Case." -Dan
"Fine." -Casey
"I'm so proud of you." -Dan
"I never liked you at all." -Casey

"I need some guidance, 'cause I don't mind telling you I'm feeling just a little anxious about this. Number 1, is it too early in our relationship for me to be spending three days at her parents'? I mean, it's not like I'm Pacino going back to Corleone and bringing gifts to Apollonia's family. And number 2, I'm Jewish, and her family is, y'know, incredibly not. Which isn't, by the way, any sort of a problem for me but I do think it might be a problem for them, because, after all, there are those that think I killed their lord Jesus Christ. Not me directly, mind you, I didn't drive the getaway car or anything. In fact, my family's from Latvia, so we've got a pretty solid alibi. Anyway, Isaac, what do you think?" -Jeremy
"Oh my God, were you talking to me all this time?" -Isaac
"Do you want me to start again?" -Jeremy
"Yeah, but first, could you just hit me over the head with that blunt instrument over there?" -Isaac

"I had sex last week for the first time since Lisa and I split up. it was with a woman I hardly know, and I'm feeling kind of conflicted about it. For many reasons, I suppose, not the least of which is I obviously have to confront some unresolved feelings for Dana. Plus I really miss my shirt." -Casey
"Keep talking. I'm just going to start drinking now." -Isaac

"You slinked." -Dan
"Dan." -Casey
"You slinked, my young friend, and I've never felt closer to you in my entire life." -Dan

"You're nineteen feet tall. Why are you wearing heels?" -Dan
"Are you feeling diminuitive?" -Sally
"No, but now I have to look up that word." -Dan

"You're wearing my shirt, Gordon." -Casey
"I was wondering why it felt so tight." -Gordon

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