Quotes from Rebecca

Dan: You never know when Casey's gonna freak out on the air.

Jeremy: It's sixty-six degrees in Denver today.
Dana: Tell me quickly why I care.

Casey: Did you make a pass at her?
Dan: Again, there's the asking of questions.
Casey: Did you?
Dan: I don't think people say "make a pass" anymore.
Casey: I just did.
Dan: I didn't make a pass at her. You know why?
Casey: 'Cause you're not that guy?
Dan: 'Cause I'm not that guy.

Natalie: Don't get persnickety.
Dana: Was I getting persnickety?
Natalie: A little persnickety.
Dana: You're wrong.

Dan: So, I'm gonna try telling you this story one more time.
Casey: Can I just make a suggestion?
Dan: Sure.
Casey: What if, instead of you telling me this story right this second, you never tell me this story ever.

Natalie: You should talk to Casey.
Dana: That's your only advice.
Natalie: No, I have other advice.
Dana: What?
Natalie: That was my only advice.

Casey: Is it nature's special time?
Dana: Oh, you know what? Bite me so hard for that.
Casey: Sixty-six degrees in Denver today.
Jeremy: Two inches of rain in Katmandu.
Dana: Geek boys.

Dana: Who do you think the source is on the quote?
Casey: Danny thinks it's Luther.
Dan: It's Luther.
Dana: Who do you think it is?
Casey: I think it's Luther too.
Dana: You're both idiots.
Casey: Who do you think it is?
Dana: Well, I think it's Luther, I'm just saying you're both idiots.

Dan: I could blow her off but...
Casey: You're not that guy.
Dan: I'm not that guy.

Dana: Wow.
Casey: Wow what?
Dana: Those cars are going fast.
Casey: Yeah, they're going as fast as they can because the first one across the finish line gets a trophy and a check.
Dana: Like a race?
Casey: Right.

Dana: The truth is I have a job that involves me and stimulates me and rewards me and takes up a lot of my time and I'm not willing to do my job just a little bit, I want to do all of it. It's part of me and I am different without it and that is who I am and that is who you need to love. See, it won't work.
Casey: Yes, it will.
Dana: It won't.
Casey: Say it just like that.
Dana: It won't.
Casey: Dana, any man who hears that and doesn't say, "For a woman like you, for a person, for you, I will take whatever time you can give me and be grateful for that all my life." Any man who hears that and doesn't throw you down on the nearest flat surface is just taking up space for the rest of us.

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