Quotes from Small Town

"Can we be men for a second?" -Casey
"All right, but just a second." -Dan

"You think at a certain point during the evening you'll say something wonderful to me and I'll melt and that'll teach me for going out with Gordon instead of you." -Dana
"I'll settle for you spilling something on yourself." -Casey

"May I ask why?" -Isaac
"Not right now you can't. Right now you can fire me or stay quiet." -Natalie
"You're very good." -Isaac

"You wanna leave the room?" -Natalie
"No!" -Jeremy
"Then allow for the possibility that from time to time other people might be at least as smart as you are." -Natalie

"You're good, Natalie." -Jeremy
"Yeah." -Natalie
"I'm sorry." -Jeremy
"What did you think I was around here, Jeremy, some gal Friday?" -Natalie
"No, I just didn't know you were that good." -Jeremy

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