Quotes from the Pilot

Casey: Natalie, if you shout into a microphone when I'm wearing an earpiece it poses the question, is there a decibel level at which the human head will just, y'know, explode?

Casey: They're gonna cut Sentory.
Natalie: The place kicker?
Casey: He's made eight field goal attempts in three games and has connected with a grand total of none of them.
Elliot: Oh, I've met him, he's a good guy.
Casey: He can't kick.
Natalie: He is a good guy.
Casey: He can't kick.
Natalie: He'll get picked up by another team.
Casey: No, he won't. You know why?
Elliott: Why?
Casey: 'Cause he can't kick.

Dana: What are your favorite sports?
Jeremy: I beg your pardon?
Dana: Where are you strongest?
Jeremy: Uh, football.
Dana: Great, let's talk about basketball.
Jeremy: I said football.
Dana: I heard you. Let's talk about basketball.
Jeremy: Uh, we could talk about baseball or hockey.
Dana: Oh, you're pretty strong in baseball and hockey, are you?
Jeremy: Not as strong as football, but...
Dana: Great! Let's talk about the Knicks.
Jeremy: I walked right into that one, didn't I?
Dana: Well, I left the door wide open for you.
Natalie: Shot of bourbon?
Jeremy: Please.

Casey: For now, you just watch him run. He's not doing much, he's just running faster than any man's ever run before.

Casey: It's not that my teasers are better than yours, Danny, it's just that yours are vastly inferior to mine.

Casey: You wanna do something tonight after the show?
Dan: Yeah, y'know, I was gonna hop a ride on the Staten Island ferry for awhile, eat a hotdog. You wanna come?
Casey: Yeah, absolutely, and I'll tell you why. 'Cause it's seventeen degrees outside with the windchill so what I want to do is stand on a boat in the middle of New York harbor at half-past midnight.
Dan: You have a better idea?
Casey: Well, we could go to a bar, find some people we don't like and beat the crap out of them.

Dana: He's back.

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